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 Por Jesús Miguel Sáez Cazorla


Situated 35º17'N -02º56' W, the European city of Melilla is integrated in the North African area of Kelaya, or "place of castles", its territory is situated in the north-western part of Magreb, in the Gareb region, which means west. Melilla is bathed by the Mediterranean, on the northern coast of the African continent, across from the Andalusian coast of the Mar de Alboran. Melilla's coast is the intermediate point that separases a low coast of fine sand situated to its east, and the strong cliffs dotted with small coyes and isolated beaches to the west.


The limit of the city of Melilla is a semi-circle of 12.33 square kilometres, which has its geometric centre in a square, vertex of the 2,900 metre radius of "El Caminante". Of Melilla 20 kilometre perimeter, 9 are maritime limits and 11 are terrestrial limits; with a population density of 5.181 in habitants for square kilometre.


A Mediterranean climate and an average annual temperature of 19 ºC, make it easy to make plans for spending time outdoors.


  Asociación de Estudios Melillenses.
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